Impact Adventures delivers clean water for Kivusha

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Impact Adventures has partnered with Water Access Rwanda in building a new water station for a remote community in southern Rwanda. The new water station is now providing clean water to over 1,500 people living in Bugasera District, Kivusha village.

The project was made possible thanks to a group of 37 volunteers from Fathers And Kids Camping, based in Dubai and Germany. The volunteers consisted of parents and their children, aged between 8 and 15. They worked side by side with Water Access Rwanda and the local community in building the INUMA station which houses the water filtration and solar-powered pumping equipment. They also joined the community in digging a 80cm deep trench and installing the pipes along an 800m distance.

The 1,515 residence of Kivusha used to rely on Lake Gaharwa water for their cooking requirements. This often resulted in waterborne diseases, especially among the children, leading to many days spent away from school and also large medical bills for their parents. The children, especially the girls, had to spend many hours each day to fetch the water, further limiting their school days.

Today, clean water is piped directly into the heart of the community, so everyone can have access within a 5 minute walk. The quality of the water has been radically improved thanks to Water Access Rwanda’s 2-phased filtration system which is integrated within the INUMA water station. 

The water will be sold for only 1RWF/L ($0.001/L). The funds collected will stay within the community and be used to maintain the INUMA system, making the project self-sufficient.

“It was incredible to see what the community members used to drink, dirty water infested with bacteria, and to be able to radically change their lives for generations to come through a simple act of kindness, said Vahid Fotuhi, founder of Impact Adventures. “It’s an experience that we and our children will not soon forget.”

Within the next few weeks, an extension will be made to the recently opened primary school in Kivusha. This way the children will be able to have access to clean water right at the school so that they can get the essential nourishment they need to fuel their mental growth. The extension was made possible thanks to the youth team from Fathers And Kids Camping. They sold 1,000 trees and used the proceed to cover the cost of both the tree planting in Nyamata as well as the school extension project.

“Everyone deserves safe water, including remote communities like Kivusha. We are glad to bring to a close our journey with this community from lake water to now having piped water in their community,” said Christelle Kwizera, Managing Director of Water Access Rwanda.  “The piped connection to the school marks the beginning of a new journey during which the families in this community will one by one get water piped into their homes.”

There are additional INUMA volunteer projects planned by Impact Adventures in 2022. The hands-on impact projects are scheduled to take place in February and March 2022, coinciding with the school holidays. 

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