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Blue Forest

Due to global warming and urban expansion, we are losing forests the size of Greece, each year.

To help turn the tide on deforestation, we design, implement and maintain large-scale reforestation projects in emerging markets.

We focus on coastal mangrove forests because they provide stronger bio-diversity benefits as well as enhanced carbon sink features. Mangrove forests sequester 5-10 times more CO2 than terrestrial forests.

We finance these ‘Blue Forest’ through carbon credits. 60% of the proceeds stay within the community, thus providing the funds that allow them to generate sustainable livelihoods in harmony with the forest.

Sustainable Water Kiosks

The world is getting drier, with ground water becoming more scarce. Sadly, this threat is hitting those at the bottom of the pyramid the hardest.

To address this problem, we design and build self-sufficient water kiosks in water-stressed communities. The units are locally built, solar powered and low-tech.

The communities pay a modest amount (usually less than $0.01/liter) for the water using a payment chip that they top up. The funds generated stay within the community and go towards covering the maintenance cost of the system.

Through these innovative solar powered kiosks, we deliver not just clean water, but also better health and education, as well as jobs for the community.


The best way to tackle global hunger and injustice is through education. To advance this cause, we work with local NGOs to identify high-performing schools. We then provide them with the resources they require to amplify their impact in the community.

We provide support through infrastructure expansions, such as adding classrooms, and access to low-cost financing. Our projects are hands-on and always very rewarding.

We Are Architects Of Impact



We believe that in order to create sustainable change, you must:


Experience the problem first hand

Engage with the community to find a solution that works for them

Ensure that the project is commercially self-standing

Partner with an enabling NGO to carry out and maintain the project



To help companies bring to life their SDG targets



Implementing SDG projects is a risky and resource-taxing affair. We specialize in delivering the impact you need without any of the headaches or risks. Whether your SDG budget is $50,000 or $500,000, we can customize the perfect package for you.


We work closely with host communities to design, commercialize and implement our projects. This way, they have skin in the game and are incentivized to keep the project alive. This is why we are able to offer a 10-year guarantee for each intervention.


Employees are itching to get back together again. But some are still reluctant to get back to the office. Our nature-based trips allow your teams to come together in a fun and safe environment where they can reconnect and redefine their shared purpose.

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